Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Life without the food? No thank you!

Sometimes I wonder what the life would be like if there was no food. I mean, we all have seen the films and cartoons set in the future, where the eating contained of swallowing a pill or two of different colours and that's it! There was no family gathering around the dinner table, no fancy restaurant dinners for two, no tea parties filled up with cream cakes and hot beverage, no take aways, no more pleasures for the taste buds, for the soul, for the people. Imagine.. No more hot stew on the stove, no more smell of freshly baked bread, no more cake decorating. Instead, we replace the quality of life as we know it with the convenience, speed and less washing up. And I tell you what.. I don't want to! For me the quality of life lays in the hot bowl of soup. In my mum's scramble eggs and my husband's chilli. In the cup of tea! So I have decided to prove them wrong doing by cooking something absolutely stunning for dinner this weekend. Three course meal with side dishes, starters and dessert. Something my mother would be proud of. And I'm going to sit my family around the dinning table for this. Not one of our usual Saturday meals, "lapping" in the front of the telly. Keep your fingers crossed. And sorry can't do it earlier than Saturday.. No time! :)

Here are some great treat ideas...

Double Chocolate Mousse Heaven

Very Berry Tart

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