Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Beginner's slow start!

I reach out in lots of directions to get my pleasures in life and one of them is my Little Kingdom in the kitchen. Maybe it doesn't look exactly the way I would have wished for.. Maybe it is often too messy.. Maybe it's too loud (the washing machine, the tumble dryer and cats meowing for attention!)..
But when I manage to negotiate some time for myself, I just love to close the door behind me to the rest of the house, open the door to the garden, put my favourite radio station on (must admit the Classic FM is often the choice), and put my crown on..
I don't know about you, but equally myself and my friends are too busy juggling home life, family, work and other engagements, to find ourselves  often in the situation of having some unexpected dinner guests over... or even those expected, (previously three times cancelled and postponed) friends coming over. And so, when this happens, I want to celebrate the opportunity, I want to make it special and I want to be able to do get my dishes out as quickly as possible.

And here comes the Thermomix and one of its biggest and mostly valued by me quality - the time factor. The speed of making the dishes. The freedom for me to do other things, whilst the Thermomix cooks something for me quietly in the corner, without the need for me to do the stirring and mixing and overlooking.

Like the other day when I made the cheesecake from my mum's recipe and by the time I prepared the yolks and cheese and sugar mixture, I had my whites beaten like they've never been before
and the result was outstanding! Trust me :)

And if you think that does look good, look out here for the recipe (providing my mum gives permission!).

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  1. Please let your Mum know that I for one am waiting for this recipe ;-) Congrats on starting a new Thermomix blog and by the way... thanks for linking!

    Happy Thermomixing!