Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fruit Coctails


250g frozen fruit of your choice (we used some raspberries and forest fruit mix)
2 frozen bananas (I always keep some in the freezer for the emergency gellato fix)
100g ice cubes
fresh milk or ice-cream if you prefer

We didn't use any sugar, but if you wish, you can add some.
1. Weigh in the sugar (if using) into TM bowl and grind for 5seconds/Speed 8

2. Add all remaining ingredients  Mix 30seconds/Speed 10.

Cooking Monster's Tip: Depending on the amount of ice-cubes and bananas you need to add as much milk as needed to create the consistency you want. Therefore add a little bit to the mix to start with and after checking the thickness of the coctail, add more and mix another few seconds/ Speed 10.

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