Thursday, 23 June 2011

From the diary of a busy mum...

Whilst juggling between my child, home, housework, studying, writing my dissertation project, writing the blog articles, work everyday, trips to and from the nursery, shopping, waiting for a bus, sleep, occasional eating, etc you could think there is nothing I cannot do. Typical woman. Unbreakable. Unstoppable. Until.. the sickness strikes again :( And so it happened..

There is the tummy bug going round at the moment, forced me into bed on Saturday night at 8.30pm, leaving my guests downstairs with my hubby and child (just as well I was prepared, and had the cake baked before and awaiting its time, and so they have not end up without a dessert! I have gone for a slightly altered by myself "Walnut and coffee cake", it has been a huge success.

The rest of the week I started feeling a bit better, however my poor hubby came down with the same symptoms and struggled. Just as I thought all is behind us, it came back! To me :( And so yesterday after picking up my daughter from the nursery after work and shopping, got home thinking I have to put a dinner on.. Now, what would be the last thing you would attempt to cook when you are busy looking after your child and feeling poorly?? A lasagne... You think straight away - time consuming, complicated, no way! But, thanks to my best friend in the kitchen, I have for the first time ever attempted it, and.. WOW!

All I had to do was to keep adding the ingredients to the bowl for pasta, put aside, added all ingredients for the meat sauce, boiled the kettle, and it was cooking it for me while I was playing with my Little Girl (30 minutes total). When my hubby came home and took the little one for a walk, I prepared the pasta sheets (also homemade!), the meat was ready and so I emptied the bowl, and put the cheese sauce on (6 minutes), whilst I was cooking my pasta. All I had to do later was to assemble the layers of perfectly cooked meat, thick and creamy cheese sauce, some grated mozzarella and pasta sheets. Topped it up with some cheddar slices, sprinkled with some hot chilli powder and into the oven for half an hour. All was left to do was to wash up - one TM bowl and couple of utensils! Perfect!

So, when my husband was ready for a dinner and discovered the lasagne in the oven, he said.. "I thought you were poorly..". Well, I was feeling a bit better, as I managed to serve him a lovely meal he deserves, seeing him going for the seconds, washing up done, child in bed and I could lay down on the sofa by 9pm and watch "The Apprentice"with a mug of a peppermint tea..

I will add the recipes for the lasagne, cheese sauce and homemade pasta for your convenience very soon, I promise! Until then please refer to your Thermomix Fast and Easy Cooking Cookbook.

Have a good day everybody!

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